UK Exchangers


The extensive UK Exchangers range of Plate Heat Exchangers provides compact thermally efficient solutions to your heat transfer requirements.

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Types of Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers:-

Industrial / Marine

Over 25 plate sizes from 0.04 m? to 2.5m?, and connection sizes from 25 mm to 500 mm, ensure that we offer the most efficient cost effective designs.

Plates are available in AISI 304 & 316 stainless steel and titanium as standard, with gaskets in nitrile, EPDM or Viton.


Specifically designed for use in the food, dairy, brewing and pharmaceutical industries.

Major features include:-

Sanitary plate design to achieve optimum distribution of the product over the entire plate surface

Stainless steel frames with hygienic connections

Clip-on glue free gaskets

Typical applications include:-

Multi-Section Pasteurisers for milk, fruit juices, beer, vegetable oil etc

General heating and cooling duties

Steam heating of water and CIP solutions

Double Wall

The double wall plate is designed for use in applications when extra security is required, to ensure that the primary and secondary fluids in the exchanger cannot mix in the event of a plate failure.

A plate failure in a conventional Plate Heat Exchanger results in fluid crossing over from one side to the other. With a double wall plate the single plate is replaced with two plates pressed together.

In the event of a crack in one of the plates, fluid will leak out between the double plates to atmosphere, resulting in a visible leak rather than contamination of the other fluid.

Typical applications include:-

Sanitary water for food processing

Ultra pure water

Water for injection

Food product heating and cooling

Transformer oil cooling

Wide Gap Free Flow

Our range of Wide Gap Free Flow Plate Heat Exchangers has flow paths with no metal to metal contact between adjacent plates. This makes them ideal for fluids containing particles, pulp or fibres that would quickly block a conventional Plate Heat Exchanger. Applications include:

Effluent water heat recovery

Paper mill waste water cooling

Dye house water heating and cooling

Quench tank oil cooling

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

UK Exchangers' Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers can be used for liquid to liquid heat transfer, refrigeration evaporators and condensers, liquid heating using steam, and compressed air coolers.


Low purchase price

High temperature and pressure rating

Compact design

High thermal efficiency

Many sizes of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers can be supplied ex-stock, and for most mounting feet can be supplied as an optional extra.